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P8 lick with sulphur & aloe

Feeding Recommendations

Feed P8 as a phosphate-salt supplement along with adequate summer grazing or compound rations in known low rainfall phosphate-poor areas. Keep litter bins full and prevent greedy eating by hungry animals. Regular daily intake can help prevent NPN poisoning.

Suggested intake:
Cattle: (min) 100 grams / cup / day
(max) 250 grams / cup / day
Sheep: (min) 30 grams / cup / day
(max) 50 grams / cup / day

Other information of importance

  • Contains highly absorbable phosphate and trace elements that meet the needs of animals.
  • Increases calf / lamb percentage and is preventable for osteoarthritis.
  • Sulfur prevents plant poisoning and aloe suppresses tick infestations.

Min Max Unit
Crude Protein 150 g/kg
Moisture 120 g/kg
Crude Fat 25 80 g/kg
Crude Fibre 70 90 g/kg
Calcium 8 16 g/kg
Phosphorus 6 g/kg