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Production Lick

Feeding Recommendations

This is a Protein supplement and not a feed. Sufficient grazing and/or roughage must be available at all times. Especially suitable fo animals for overwintering above maintenance for example young growing animals, or cows with calves. A constant daily intake can help prevent NPN poisoning. Before feeding a NPN containing lick, feed an ordinary salt/phosphate lick for at least 5-7 days. Use in winter or early spring.

Recommended intake:
Cattle:(min) 1000 gram/head/day
(max) 1300 gram/head/day
Sheep:(min) 200gram/head/day
(max) 250 gram/head/day

Intakes will be affected by the quality and quantity of the pastures or roughage of the animals.

Min Max Unit
Crude Protein 150 g/kg
Moisture 120 g/kg
Crude Fat 25 80 g/kg
Crude Fibre 70 90 g/kg
Calcium 8 16 g/kg
Phosphorus 6 g/kg