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P6 Summer lick

Feeding Recommendation

This lick is a phoshate supplement and not a feed.
Use feeding troughs.
No further mixing is necessary.

Provide free access to the lick together with adequate quantities of summer grazing and roughage. Provide also in animals trace/mineral needs.

Recommended intake
Cattle: 100 (min) – 200 (max) g/animal/day
Sheep: 17 (min) – 35 (max) g/animal/day

Other information of importance

  • A ready mixed phosphate supplement to fulfil the needs of trace elements required by animals.
  • Contains high absorbed phosphate sources to increase calf percentage up to 12 – 15%.
  • The supplement of phosphate to productive animals on green grazing is imperative essential.

Min Max Unit
Crude Protein 150 g/kg
Moisture 120 g/kg
Crude Fat 25 80 g/kg
Crude Fibre 70 90 g/kg
Calcium 8 16 g/kg
Phosphorus 6 g/kg